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Tyres & Wheels

Are your tires old? When worn tires fail to channel water away from the tire, they lose their grip and become dangerous in poor weather and driving conditions. Regularly inspect and service your tires to prevent a blowout, a flat, or a costly auto accident. Splendour Autocare Center, Al Qouz, Dubai has a range of car tires and services available.

Tyre Balancing and Why You Should Care

A car is a machine which ensures that you get from one place to another fast. But that does not mean it has to be uncomfortable. That is the reason you need to pay attention to wheel balancing. Let us face it. Tyres get worn out with time. Whether you are looking to buy tyres in Dubai or have a check-up done, we at Splendour Auto Care, Al Qouz, Dubai have the best fixes available. Most of the problems faced with tyres are caused due to improper fitting and do not even need replacement. So as long as you are careful and get it fixed soon, there should be no problems. However, in the worst case scenario where you do need a change, we offer the best prices for cheap tyres.


How do you understand that the tyre is not properly balanced? The simple thing is that the angle the wheels should be to the car are not exactly correct. However, quite often, it is hard to determine that by sight alone. Common indications of the car being out of alignment include high rate of wheel wearing out, drifting away from a straight line or veering away even when you are holding the steering wheel straight. This is especially the case when you buy tyres online and fit them at home by yourself. But these can be caused because of various other reasons as well. How do you know that your wheel is out of alignment?

·         Vibration in the steering wheel, especially at high speeds

This is difficult to spot. Vibration in the tyre is felt only at a narrow range of speeds and either decreases noticeably outside these ranges or disappears entirely. The reason is that the wheel may be out of balance, and thus, result in flat spots. Flat spots are parts of the wheel that are, as the name suggests, flat. This not only causes wobble in the wheel, it can even result in the wheel coming off in extreme cases if the wrong type of weight is used for the balancing.

·         The floorboard starts vibrating at certain speeds

While this is much easier to notice than the vibrations, they are much more severe. Vibrating floorboards can affect the entire car, and need to be treated immediately. One of the easiest tests to confirm that you have a problem in the car is to take the car to a safe road and then get to a speed where you can feel/hear the vibrations and at that speed take turns to the left and right. If it goes away during any of the turnings, you have a problem with the wheel bearings.

·         Uneven wear in the tyre

Uneven wear is not immediately noticeable since you need to check the tyre minutely to identify the problem. While they are caused mostly due to bad roads or over-inflation, there are cases where uneven tyre treads are caused due to a badly balanced tyre, causing the tyre to bend in a certain way always. Tyre tread getting uneven is a serious problem and can cause loss of traction, and accidents.

However, before going any further, you need to understand what is causing the problem. Tyres may even become unusable because of wear caused due to improper alignment. How do you check it? Before you go ahead and buy tyres online, try out this simple technique to check the severity of the problem:

·         Take a coin

·         Feel the treads in each individual tyre

·         Insert the coin at the ends and then at the centre of the tyre

·         If the tread is deeper in the centre, the tyre is under inflated

·         Inversely, it is over inflated if the tread is lighter at the centre

·         If it is not same throughout, have your alignment checked

Replacement is not the best solution at all times. Besides being a lot more expensive, it means that the problem persists, and you only get a temporary solution. Whether you are looking to buy tyres in Dubai or a trusted place to have your car looked at, we at Splendour Auto Care Center, Al Qouz, Dubai are always up for the challenge.

Static balancing vs Dynamic Balancing

Essentially, there are 2 kinds of tyre balancing that can be done:

·         Static Balancing

This is the case where the tyre is mounted on a non-rotating spindle and uses gravity to deflect the spot with the greatest mass to detect the region of unbalance. Sensors mounted on the spindle collect this data to indicate the angle and magnitude of the unbalance. Some shops use non rotating bubble balancers to detect the magnitude and the angle of unbalancing in the car, but these have mostly been updated to better equipment.

·         Dynamic Balancing

As the name suggests, this is done with the tyre being rotated at high speed to detect the level of unbalance.  This not only detects the problem with the tyre, but provides the tolerance levels for the tyre as well. This is done by applying a torque to the tyre perpendicular to the angle of operation. This data is then separated into a static value and the couple value, checked with the inner and outer plates of the tyre and finally compared to the unbalance resistance level to determine if the tyres need to be fixed Besides, checking for problems at high speeds also ensure that the test runs are done at near to road conditions.

Whether you are looking for cheap tyres for replacement or getting a professional advice on your car, we at Splendour Auto Care Center are always happy to help.

Wheel Balancing vs Wheel Alignment

Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignment. In a crux, wheel alignment refers to checking and recalibrating the angle the wheels should be to each other. As long as they are perfectly parallel to each other, they not only run smoother, but help in saving fuel as well. Wheel alignment is quite easy to identify. Park your car straight, walk down to the front and observe the wheels. If they are not perfectly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground, there is a problem with the alignment. Wheel alignment problems are often seen when you opt to buy tyres online and fit them at your home. Technical problems may arise due to improper fitting as well. Wheel alignment can be fixed at any auto repair shop

In comparison, wheel balancing problems are much harder to identify and fix. Not only do they need specialised equipment to be properly handled, they manifest only in certain cases. As long as you are driving with an improperly balanced wheel, you are constantly at risk of an accident. This is why we suggest a scheduled maintenance for your car. Semi-annual or an annual maintenance can not only fix these problems, but others that you may not have noticed. This saves both time and money on the long run for you. We at Splendour Auto care Center have extensive technical knowledge on how to keep your car at the top shape. Choose us for your peace of mind.


Professional handling needs to be done if you detect unbalanced tyres. While you can operate the car with the unbalanced tyres, it is highly discouraged because of 2 reasons. The first is that you will experience a lot of discomfort while driving the car, and need to constantly adjust your driving since the car will tend to veer off course. This is in addition to the cost of operation which keeps adding up the more you use unbalanced tyres to drive, eventually necessitating to a complete replacement. The second, and the much more important reason is that an unbalanced tyre often leads to bad driving. This includes loss of traction in bad road conditions, which can lead to a road accident. Would you rather endanger yourself and your loved ones, rather than opt for a professional solution?

The Specialists

We at Splendour Auto Care Center make sure that your car is in top shape. The best way to do this is to have a professional wheel alignment done. Besides ensuring that your wheel lasts longer, it also ensures that you are not in the danger of an accident occurring due to improperly balanced tyres. This is extremely important because the problem becomes very noticeable at high speeds of around 60 mph, when the danger of causing an accident is at its highest.

Not sure whether your car needs a tyre alignment? Are you past your expected car servicing date? Do you feel a slight vibration in your car at times? Looking to buy tyres in Dubai? Want the best prices for cheap tyres?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you should probably have your wheels looked at by professionals. Visit Splendour Auto Care, Al Qouz Dubai Center today or call us on 043215485 for top notch services conducted by specialists.

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