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Oil Change

At Splendour Auto Care Center,AL Qouz, Dubai we want oil changes to be simple and affordable for our customers. Splendour Auto Care Center’s technicians are trained to change your oil quickly and efficiently while assessing your vehicle for other potential safety issues to keep you safe on the road. Check out oil change coupons and deals below and schedule an appointment today!

When to do an Oil Change and why we should change engine oil and filter?

Oil change is one of those things no one really knows about. Ask any car enthusiast, and the answer varies each time. 3000 miles, 5000 miles, 7500 miles or even worse: “When your vehicle’s oil monitor says so”. Truth be told, none of these answers are actually correct. This is because each vehicle is like an individual. Just like you have different needs compared to your neighbor, in the same way, each car has its own preferences.

Stick to the Book

Literally, most people simply ignore the manufacturer handbook, but we cannot stress how important it may be to understand small things like the best time to change the engine oil. The people at the car company made sure to include all the details needed to get your car to last longer, thus your best choice is to go through it to know the perfect time. However, even that does not account for all the aspects.

Be thorough

The conditions for most cars shown in the driver’s manual show the best case scenario. However, the conditions we drive in are much removed from the optimal situations. Some of the less than perfect conditions include:

·         Stop and Drive within the city

·         Short trips (of 10 miles or less) in cold conditions

·         Towing

·         Dusty climate

·         Uneven roads (including gravel ways)

·         Turbo charged or diesel engine

While there is no one shot to including everything and arriving at the perfect answer, there is a section called severe service driving. It goes on to include the cases which can be considered heightened cases for your car. Go through that to arrive at an answer for the best time for your engine oil change.

What about the distance metrics?

The 3000-mile check for the oil change is a very rough measure. Consider the following cases:

·         Oil requires complex mixtures to let it work efficiently

·         However, their effectiveness reduces with time

·         This means while it may still be usable after a certain interval, it is usually at the cost of your engine

So, go with your driving habits and manufacturer’s recommendation to get the best time for an oil change.

What about the Filter?

Engine filters are a very important part to ensure that the engine works smoothly. The best time for a filter change is similar to the oil but easier. Simply put, you should change the filter when it seems to be restricted. A few other recommendations along with these include checking tire inflation on a monthly basis and inspecting the brake system annually.

Take care of your vehicle, and you can rest assured that you will never be let down.

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