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Denting and Painting

With Splendour Auto Care Center's premium automotive paint repair system, we can carry out complete car body repairs such as full car body denting and painting, bumper scuffs, car scratch repairs, car dent repairs and kerbed alloy wheels without re-painting the entire panel or wheel; which means you can now repair major and minor damage to your car: Within a few hours To a high quality commercial standard At a fraction of the price of traditional body shop methods

What Can Splendour Auto, Al Qouz, Dubai do for you?

Fast, low-cost, efficient, environmentally-friendly automotive body repairs including;

Scrapes & Scuffs from little Collisions

Stone Chips & Flaking Paint Surfaces

Vandal Scratches & Paint Chips

Surface Marks and Scratches

Small Dents, Dings & Creases

Colour matching for your Car

Bumper & Exterior Trim Repairs

Paint Code Retrieval

Alloy Wheel Repair & Restoration

Machine sharpening Services

Full Car Paint & Body Repair

Crashed Car Denting and painting

Picked up a scratch, scrape or scuff on your automotive? Minor cosmetic repair to car like paint repair, scuffs, dents, scratches, stone chips and kerbed wheels area are unpleasant, and might additionally devalue the market value of your vehicle. Our skilled technicians will conduct top quality automotive scratch repairs or automotive dent repairs to get rid of any such harm from your vehicle.

Why use our Denting and Painting Services for your vehicle?

You can rely on Splendour Auto, Al Qouz, Dubai to produce quick, low-cost, environmentally-friendly automotive body repairs. Contact us today for all your vehicle needs.