About Us

At Splendour Auto Care Center, we believe that customers come above everything else. That is why our policy is not just to provide you with just the best garage in Dubai, AlQouz. After all, a lot of automobile specialty shops in Dubai claim to be the best. Our intention, instead, is to provide you more than what you expect. Only by providing the very best of services we can hope to excel and become the best workshop in AlQouz Dubai.

Why Us?

We guarantee your complete satisfaction in every aspect of our work. Whether you are looking for a general car repair in Dubai or a more specialised kind of work like tyre alignment and balancing, our technicians are especially trained to handle any problem you have with the utmost care. Not only that, for us your word is the final word. We will diagnose your problem and offer up the best solutions, but it will be put into work only upon your approval. Worried about prices? Check our rates with any existing prices and we guarantee your complete satisfaction. Whether online tyre prices or a simple work related to denting and painting in Dubai, our rates are unbeatable. We also offer the best garage in Al Qouz for car AC repair. This is because we believe in preventive actions. Fixing problems before they can become serious is our specialty. From emergency repair work to regular check-ups to even an extensive repair work: all our services are geared towards perfection. We believe that if a part can be repaired, it needs not be replaced. Not only does this save money in the long run, if you opt for our specialised car maintenance in Dubai, we guarantee a longer running time for your vehicle.

Our Services

We started out small, but over the years we have matured and included almost all things related to an automobile. We have been hailed as the best garage in Al Qouz for car AC repair, but our work does not relate only to specialty services. We also perform general tune up services as well as small works like oil change in Dubai. Having roots in the small industry, we perfectly understand the need to keep overhead costs low. That is the reason we offer the best prices around, by passing on the costs saved directly to the customers. You can experience it in all our services, including simple ones like tyre change in Dubai.

In case you are not convinced, here is a complete list of the services we provide:

·         A/C Maintenance & Repair

At Splendour Auto Care Center, we believe that as the best garage in Al Qouz for car AC repair, we have a lot to uphold. From detecting AC leaks to knowing exactly what fits in together is a very delicate process. After all, an air conditioning unit works with hundreds of different electrical and mechanical parts, all working together in a range of temperatures and pressures. That is why we employ only the very best technicians to care for your car. After all, you deserve the attention.

·         Batteries

If you have ever tried working with batteries, you would know how dangerous they can be. Car batteries operate with high bursts of current and work with acid. In our line of car repair in Dubai, we have seen a lot of different problems that car owners face in regards to their batteries. These are mostly caused by negligence on the part of the owner rather than due to direct problems. That is why we advise you to bring in your car battery as soon as you think that there is a problem.

·         Brakes

We should not have to tell you how important a part brakes play in the safety of your vehicle. Without the regular car maintenance in Dubai, you are endangering not only yourself, but your loved ones as well. From a worn out brake to improperly aligned wheels causing loss in friction, our engineers know it all. Rest assured, if there is a problem, we will fix it.

·         CV Joints

Simply put, if the engine is the heart of your car, the CV joints are the tendons that drive the muscle. They are the bearings and cages that help in driving the car. There are a host of problems that you can face with your CV joints, including a bumpy ride. Not to worry. We are not called the best workshop in AlQouz Dubai for no reason. If you are facing even the slightest of problems, we will identify the specific cause for the problem and fix it for you.

·         Denting and Painting

A car can turn heads when you use it or simply be ignored. The primary factor in this is how good it looks. At Splendour Auto Care Center, we believe that if you have a problem related to denting and painting in Dubai, the job should be so well done that it becomes better than before. Our services ensure that your car does nothing short of making people look and exclaim.

·         Detailing and Polishing

After a good paint job, what can be more important than detailing and polishing? Do you want a new pattern on your car? Or a cool underbody LED lighting system? At Splendour Auto Care Center, we do not simply do jobs related to car repair in Dubai. We have become the best garage in Dubai, AlQouz because we provide exactly what the customers need: from a trendy sound system to the best mirror polish.

·         Exhaust and Catalytic Convertors

AN exhaust system in your car is more than just for venting out the smoke. The exhaust and catalytic convertors together help you save fuel, keep the circulation air fresh and even help the environment. But this means that they are also one of the most delicate parts of your car. In fact, if you have problems like weird noises, low fuel efficiency or very high amount of exhaust fumes, you should pay us a visit at the Splendour Auto Care Center. After all, a repair can cut down on the cost of having to replace a broken catalytic convertor, which is one of the costliest parts of your exhaust system.

·         Oil Change

Oils are one of the most important, yet underrated aspects of your car. From helping with the tyre alignment and balancing to helping the A/C function properly, there are a lot of different kinds of oils in your car. You can perform a scheduled oil change in Dubai during your visit to the best workshop in AlQouz Dubai. However, ignoring them can lead to not only a poorly running car, but the vehicle breaking down in the worst possible situations. You do not want that; take it from us.

·         Steering and Suspension

You might fit tyres at your home thinking that online tyre prices are lower than shops, but you have obviously not tried us out. But even more important than the pricing aspect of this are the problems an amateur tyre fitting can pose. If you are not an experienced mechanic, problems like bad steering and worse suspension can arise from a badly fitted tyre. Steering problems can give tyres an uneven tread, be more costly on the long run, cause bumpy rides and in the worst case, result in an accident. Visit us at Splendour Auto Care Center for the best solution.

·         Tyres and Wheels

From improper alignment to a bad balancing, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with a wheel. Besides the problems faced in case of an amateur replacement, wheel work requires specialized equipment to be perfect. At Splendour Auto Care Center, we have brought forth specialists from around the world to provide a level of excellence which was not seen anywhere in Dubai before. This ranges from specialized mechanics for automated tyre alignment and balancing equipment to simpler things like gauging the tyre pressure for a smoother ride. All in all, rest assured that we believe in providing top notch global quality service for all your requirements. No work is too small for us.

The Best of Both Worlds

We combine the closeness and the price range of your friendly neighbourhood mechanic with a touch of the industry level fully equipped unique facility. Our roots lie in the past, from which we have derived values and ethics to build up our base in the modern world. This has resulted in the best overall car repair shop in Dubai. Whether it is specialised work requiring you to look for the best garage in Al Qouz for car AC repair or simpler jobs like the oil change, our engineers are trained to make your car better than before. Our team consists of industry specialists from around the world, trained to work in the Dubai market, something that you are guaranteed to never have experienced before. No matter the model or make of your car, we have the solution. Even if it is a custom made vehicle, rest assured that our engineers can have parts delivered and fitted in. our aim is not only to provide you a good solution for now, but to provide you something that will last for years to come. After all, we grew because of word of mouth recommendations from customers like you. You have made us what we are today and we intend to keep your trust in order to keep growing further.

If you are looking for the best car maintenance in Dubai, look no further. Our complete satisfaction guarantee comes with an assurance that we will deliver your expectations and exceed them. Moreover, we have always maintained that honesty is the best policy. Thus, we are clear in all our diagnoses and solutions. Not only that, all of them are implemented only after you have confirmed the same. With us, what you see is what you pay. There are no hidden costs and absolutely no extra charges. Experience the change today.

Our Promise

There are a lot of shops offering car repair in Dubai. But none of them can match the level of service we provide. All our technicians are especially trained to be courteous and handle all your queries with smile. We believe that you are the one who should be the first to know what is wrong with your car. Nothing is too technical for us to help you understand. After all, it is your car, and you have every right to know what the problem was. In fact, we have often seen that problems that appear to be related to one factor were actually the result of something else entirely. In fact, often it was the customer who made the situation worse by trying for an amateur fix instead of the vehicle breaking down on its own. Of course a part might just have run its course and need to be replaced, but not all problems are as straight forward as a problem related to denting and painting in Dubai. Considering Dubai is one of the countries with the highest number of cars, it is obvious that you will face problems, but we advise you on choosing someone you can trust. Our level of dedication to this has proven time and again that we are the best you can have. This is not just our declaration, but something our customers have proven to us over the years by choosing us consistently.

Call us today at (+9714) 3215485, mail us at info@splendourauto.comor visit our website at www.splendourauto.comto experience the best garage in Dubai, AlQouz for yourself.